Lachaussée Avocat, SELARL au capital de 10 000 euros

Toque C0292, SIRET n°51876887400019, sise au 11, rue Sédillot 75007 Paris

TVA Intracommunautaire : FR28518768874 

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Among French audio-visual production, it is impossible not to notice the rise of series these last past years. Within this context it is interesting to consider the actual place of series in the French production landscape before we focus on their legal framework.


Eastern Europe cinema regularly meets success in festivals, whether they are international festivals or dedicated festivals, and in the French theatres. Among them we can evoke films of Romanian director Cristian Mungiu such as « Baccalauréat » coproduced by the French...

After almost three years of discussions the French law on « Freedom of creation, architecture and patrimony » has been promulgated on July 7th. For Audrey Azoulay, French Minister of Culture, "this law, is the fruit of a work that everyone can be proud of, affirms the...

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2020, year of the SVOD platforms?


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