L Avocat offers specific advice in the field of fashion and luxury buisness.

The lawfirm advises, designers, fashion photographers, jewellery companies, furniture manufacturers and hotel luxury undertakings.

L Avocat also advise the crews involved in shootings (hairdressers, stylists, photographers assistants, retake assistants, make-up artists...), and magazines, models and model and photographer agencies....

The lawfirm advises notably for:
- photographer, models, stylist respresentation agreements
- legal protection of designs
- trademarks
- conterfeiting on the Internet
- advertising management
- trademark licensing
- institutionnal film production
- product distribution
- tax optimisation
- conterfeiting


Lachaussée Avocat, SELARL au capital de 10 000 euros

Toque C0292, SIRET n°51876887400019, sise au 11, rue Sédillot 75007 Paris

TVA Intracommunautaire : FR28518768874 

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